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Alison Safford

Alison Safford is an artist whose work includes sculpture, installation, video, and drawing.  Her studio is at 65-3 Brookside Ave.

“I often consider that my interest in sculpture and installation comes from playing with dollhouses when I was younger. It wasn’t the dolls that interested me, it was the arranging and rearranging the spaces until I was momentarily satisfied, helping me to make sense of the world and arrange ideas physically and in my thoughts. My need to arrange and rearrange my art until it is “just right”, relates to my need to fix, heal, or understand.”

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by Alison Safford

by Alison Safford


Hello Goodbye

Image from the installation “Hello Goodbye” by Alison Safford.


Hello Goodbye

Image from “Hello Goodbye” installation by Alison Safford.



Image from the installation “Gravity” by Alison Stafford.


Untitled 9

“Untitled 9”, graphite on paper by Alison Stafford